The Andres Soriano Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to providing the necessary foundation and infrastructure to help local communities develop sustainably. Committed to maximizing potential, ASF gives communities the tools to help themselves.


  1. Enable selected communities to responsibly manage their own resources.
  2. Provide access to education and health care services.
  3. Help communities use their resources effectively to ensure financial sustainability.
  4. Create and nourish effective partnerships to support sustainable development efforts leading to poverty alleviation.


Improve the quality of life in rural communities by providing access to opportunities and resources. Because ASF believes in the importance of co-ownership, transparency and accountability, our support is fundamentally rooted with these principles.


  1. Community Organization
  2. Research and Education
  3. Coastal Resource Management
  4. Economic Enhancement and Fund Sourcing
  5. Delivery of Basic Services
  6. Infrastructure Support and Institutional Development